Rustic Brown Gradient Headboard

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If You Give a Girl a Saw -   .jpg
Keyhole Slot.jpg

Rustic Brown Gradient Headboard

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>>> Headboard sizing:
Twin: 38” L x 30” H x .75” D
Full: 54” L x 30” H x .75” D
Queen: 60” L x 30” H x .75” D
King: 76” L x 30” H x .75” D
Cal-King: 72” L x 30” H x .75” D

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>>> Each headboard is custom and independently handmade in San Luis Obispo, CA by yours truly : the girl behind the saw. Small variations occur from piece to piece as wood, by nature, has unique characteristics that make each product truly one of a kind!

>>> All orders ship within 4 weeks of the date your order is placed as each piece is handmade to order and quality takes just a little bit of time - but I do promise top quality with every order. And now would be a good time to add that I don’t take promises lightly.

>>> Install Instructions : Each headboard has a keyhole slot (as pictured in the product photos) on the back, which allows for easy installation. Simply install a screw directly into a stud in the wall or use a drywall anchor + screw if there isn’t a stud where you’d like to place the headboard, slide the head of the screw directly into the keyhole slot, and you’re done!

>>> For further questions or custom orders inquiries, feel free to contact me directly by clicking here and we can work together to dream up a design just for you!

>>> To follow along on what’s going on in the shop on a daily basis, head over to Instagram by clicking here.

>>> Your support means the world to me and I’m looking forward to building something for you soon!