Sleek Breakfast Tray

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Sleek Breakfast Tray

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>>> Pictured Product's Dimensions: 16" x 22" (All sizes available at check out). This is the standard breakfast tray size, which offers a multi-functional purpose as either a wall hanging or table top as well. This product can easily be switched between these functions by following the simple directions below!

>>> Wall Hanging Install >>> On the back of each wall hanging are two - four keyhole slots (to hang either vertically or horizontally) routered for easy installation. Simply drill one - two screws into the wall, making sure they're secured by studs, and you're ready to rock!

>>> Table Top Install >>> If you decide to use this as a table top down the road, attach the legs, making sure to drill into the table top no further than 3/4". It can easily be used as a wall hanging again in the future!

>>> The keyhole slots allow this piece to sit flush on a table if currently being utilized as a breakfast tray and don't affect the tray's ability to perform functionally.

Each product is independently handmade with love in a flurry of sawdust in San Luis Obispo, CA.

In my humble opinion, a hugely important aspect of running a small business is supporting small business' around you. Through If You Give a Girl a Saw, I'm able to support locally owned lumberyards to individually source each piece of wood and all materials used in our products.

After moving into a tiny house, the true importance of multi-functionality shines brighter than ever. This largely inspired me to create products with a multi-functional purpose for any size home! With wall hangings that can be used as table tops, breakfast trays that can be used as wall hangings, and table legs that can be affixed multiple ways to give your table an entirely new look, the consumer is able to express their own creativity as the final step in the design process. And might I add, your options are limitless. 

In an effort to create an environmentally friendly build behind each product, If You Give a Girl a Saw handcrafts each wood stain from scratch.

The variations in grain and texture are the qualities in wood that allow each product to be truly unique. So please bear in mind that slight differences may occur from piece to piece, creating in each product a one of a kind authenticity.

Customization is welcomed with open arms! Whether that be in the form of a tweak in design, color swap or a fully commissioned product, I'd love to chat more with you to fabricate the piece you're envisioning.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to ship. In the meantime, I will be working around the clock to build you a product you'll love.

Don't hesitate to contact me directly with any further inquiries!

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